construction cost management

Excellent construction cost management is vital to your development’s success. Like most of our clients, you’re probably risk averse. With your money and reputation on the line, precise cost control in construction and land development was never more personal.

From construction valuation to finance risk management and day-to-day project cost management, this makes it essential that you involve one or more chartered quantity surveyors or other cost management experts.They’ll  evaluate and manage risk during your project’s progress through three distinct stages:

  • Design and pre-construction
  • Construction
  • Post-construction

Our team’s expertise covers risk management in the procurement of new build, alteration and refurbishment projects, and realising property investment ventures for clients such as the following:

  • Scottish Enterprise
  • Scottish Television
  • Woolwich Homes
  • Housing associations
  • Banks
  • Care homes
  • Local community facilities
  • Various golf clubhouses
  • One-off houses
  • High-density residential developments.

how much money can we save you?

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